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Tension Lock Clamp

Tension Lock Clamp is high strength clamp for KF flange vacuum pipe.
It’s made of sus and corrosion resistant and preventing loosening function due to vibration.

Patent Registration No. 10-1017961

◈ Corrosion resistant
Tension Lock Clamp is made of sus and corrosion resistant.
Compared to common AL Clamps, Tensile strength and compressibility are strong over three times.

◈ Preventing loosening
Applying Stopper and Gear in product’s design, preventing loosening function due to high vibration and easy to use and convenient.

◈ Separation prevention of tool
Considering the user’s convenience, Applying Hex Nut and weld end preparation to prevent separation of tool and able to reduce the install time.



Material: Stainless Steel                                                                                                                                                                    (Unit: mm)

Size ØA ØB C D
NW16 54 23 56.8 16
NW25 63.3 31.3 67.1 16
NW40 78.3 46.3 82.2 16
NW50 98.6 66.3 103 16

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